Staff Management

Manage the complex growing business with
Scheduling, timesheets, payroll, credentialing, & business intelligence.

Workflow Improvement

Automation, messaging, alerts will increase the accuracy and efficiency of daily tasks performed by a back office.

Business Intelligence

Streamline your reporting needs by aggregating staffing, billing, and payroll data.
Make better business decision with a data driven approach.

It′s quick.

Designed to save time in creating schedules & processing timesheets.

It′s easy.

Created with easy-of-use in mind on mobile devices for end users and on desktops for schedulers.

It′s smart.

Automation, data aggregation, workflow improvement, & business intelligence.

It's complete.

Covered every aspect of staff management in one application.

How It Works

Our goal at S4 is to make your job easier. Our team of analysts will work with your schedulers, clinicians, and administrators to build a solution that is optimized for your practice. From managing various pay rates for per diem staff to complicated PTO accrual scenarios, our system is designed to handle the any level of complexity in your staffing and payroll structure

S4 can handle the entire scheduling and payroll life-cycle, taking the burden off you and your staff.

S4 management team

What We Do

  • Staff scheduling
  • Timesheet & Payroll
  • Collaborative Platform
  • Business Intelligence
  • Workflow Improvement
  • Utilize AI & Machine Learning
  • Custom Business Solutions

Take your practice to the next level!

Incorporate S4 technology to your practice today and our engineers and data scientists will help turn your visions for the business into reality.

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